Web Design

Over 82% of consumers visit a website before making a purchasing decision. The image, message, and the feel they perceive from that initial visit is CRITICAL to a sales process.

It is clear that once a user is on your website, you have less than 10 seconds to grab their attention; by providing clear messages that answer their initial questions and strong calls-to-actions that will incite them to take the next step with you. Web sites require impact, clear navigation and no unnecessary distractions that could impede the understanding of your product or service.

At Savvy Eye Media we can create that unique and individual Website, according to your needs and requirements. Attractive, easy to navigate and that will represent what your business is about. We can also use your existing corporate identity, colour scheme and literature for a fresh new makeover of your website.

We could also assist you with domain name registration, web hosting, email accounts forwarding and content management.

We are experts in designing & building highly effective websites. We strive to find new and interesting ways of increasing your conversion rate.

Content Management Systems

We build our websites with a CMS, 'Content Management System' which allows you full control of your web content with minimum training. Using this user-friendly system you can very easily update all aspects of your website. This system is designed to grow with your business.

Responsive Design

According to our recent statistics , 73% of users who visited our own website this year did so from a mobile device. With this information, we see that it is necessary that our website is displayed correctly on any device.

5 Reasons Your Website Should Use Responsive Web Design

1. Reduced bounce rate

Mobile optimised websites can reach all of those technical audiences, meaning whatever device they use to browse your website, they will have a perfect browsing experience. This will reduce bounce rate and you'll see a greater return on investment.

2. Google favours responsive websites

Google recommends the implementation of responsive web design techniques. Doing so can help improve your rankings with Google.

3. Mobile users behave differently

Theoretically your website audiences are the same people, however, people tend to behave differently based on the device they use, mobile users are very visual and don't tend to want to read much. proving less text and more images, animations and short videos is more effective. Harness the power of multimedia to engage with prospects.

4. Social media referrals are on mobile

91% of mobile internet access is used for social activities. while social media is growing and evolving, it is mainly used on mobile devices. Marketing your business on social media you stand a better chance of getting mobile traffic.

5. Affordable investment

With the advancement of web technologies, the investment required to develop a responsive website for a new business, or to redesign an existing website is a lot lower.